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06/28/2007 We stayed at the cabin in late February and it was awesome. This will become an annual trip for us guaranteed. The location is perfect. The cabin was perfect. We loved absolutely everything about this trip.
Anonymous, Molalla, OR
Homeowner Response:
It must have been the great February weather at the mountain. Thanks anonymous.
John & Linda


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03/31/2002 date entered: 03/31/2002

We had a wonderful time. Your place is sooooo cute.

I am sorry but we did not get the dishwasher unloaded. We waited for it
but it seemed to take forever.

The weather could not have been more beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your home.

:-) Lori :-)

guest name: Lori
guest city-state/province: Oregon
07/11/2002 date entered: 07/11/2002

We spent a wonderful THanksgiving last year at
Ravenwood! Thank you so much. We now are looking
for a new mattress and remembered how comfortable the
mattress was in the downstairs bedroom at Ravenwood
(it's a king-size). Please email me the name and type
of mattress that is if you have the opportunity!

Thanks again. Hope to stay at Ravenwood again someday


guest name: XXXXXX
guest city-state/province: Oregon
08/14/2002 date entered: 08/14/2002
Wanted to check on the availability of your Government Camp cabin for the
nights of December 13 and 14, 2002. We rented the cabin from you last
December for a weekend and really enjoyed it. Please advise me on the
availability and the $ amount you need to reserve it. Thank you.

Prineville, OR

guest name: Debbie
guest city-state/province: Prineville, OR
04/10/2004 date entered: 04/10/2004
Thank you to all who have stayed at Ravenwood. "Government Camps best"
If you are considering reserving Ravenwood, please be advised that we reserve almost every weekend for the ski season very fast. Some years by Thanksgiving it is too late to get a date. With only 16 to 20+ weekends in a season all cabins In town book up.
Be sure to plan early, don't wait for the first snowfall.
John & Linda Cummins
guest name: John & Linda
guest city-state/province: Oregon
01/03/2005 date entered: 01/03/2005

John and Linda,

Our New Years weekend at your cabin was everything I had hoped it would be. The cabin is wonderful. The weather was perfect. Everyone had a fantastic time. My 73 year old father will never let us forget that us youngster could keep up with him on the sledding hill.

Happy New Year!!
01/10/2005 date entered: 01/10/2005
Hi. We loved the cabin and had a wonderful time. Thank you.


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We have received your final payment for Ravenwood for December 27, 28 & 29. You are being mailed map, instructions and doorcode. If you have any questions, let me know.

guest name: Val
guest city-state/province: unknown
03/07/2006 date entered: 03/07/2006
Just wanted to check in and say the cabin was awsome. We enjoyed it greatly... The kids loved the set up. It worked out well.
I also wanted to find out what the protocal is as far as an inspection for the deposite return. We payed in one check so I assume that you will return the $250 deposit via check also. Please let me know what the plan is.
Thanks again,
guest name: Christian Fellowship (18 guests)
guest city-state/province: Warrenton, OR
01/17/2008 date entered: 01/17/2008
Just a note in case anyone really reads this guestbook.
We still get lots of emails from people that stayed at Ravenwood (all very positive) We continue to have virtually no bad guests. Even the party animals act responsibly (unlike at the beach) Speaking of animals we just discovered the porch racoons can squeeze under the snow door. This summer I'll add an extension.
Thanksgiving 2007 the snow hit hard and kept coming (snow caves this season) We have already booked Christmas and New Years 08/09 a year in advance. Still 2-3 months left this ski season and the snow keeps coming. The Government Camp face lift and new construction has really changed our little village. (I hope for the better) It looks to me like boarders now out number skiers. ( arrrrgh)
We are still leasing Ravenwood to High Cascade Snowboard Camp each summer (ten years and no problems from all the kids despite the naysayers)
Happy Trails

guest name: John & Linda
guest city-state/province: Portland
04/09/2008 date entered: 04/09/2008
OK, it's me again. I fixed the Raccoons, unless they can squeeze thru a 1" gap.
Snow update: for over four months now we have had more than eight feet on the ground. This season (07/08)is going down as a record year. Timberline has a new quad chair. Skibowl has a new Snocat that can groom the very steep upper bowl.

guest name: John
guest city-state/province: Portland
08/16/2010 date entered: 08/16/2010
Hello everyone, I have ignored this guestbook feature for several years now, for awhile I was posting past snow conditions etc. Ravenwood has become very stable. We have about 40% return guests, Government Camp saw a face lift a few years ago, talk of becoming a city is still going on. This summer/fall I plan to overhaul the upstairs bathroom floor.  No problems, no baggage, Ravenwood is by far the most relaxed cabin around. Oh yeah fore what it's worth, the snow last year was not memorable
guest name: John
guest city-state/province: Portland