Sunday, October 16, 2011

Renting a ski cabin in Government Camp[

Just in case you need some help; here are some things to think about before renting vacation rentals on Mt Hood.
Lets see  ---   have you thought about how far it is to walk into the cabin when your car is stuck in the snow down on the business loop (main street) Snow plows don't plow every time you happen to be driving around. Consider others in your group! will they be able to handle the walk?

Is there a covered porch to get out of the rain or snow? Is it less than ten feet from the car?

Parking  --  can you park out front? is it level? will you get stuck if it snows a foot overnight? how about two feet?  is there room for four + cars? do you have to buy a parking permit?

Skiing --  can you ski right up to the front door? can your children play safely around the house? build caves, snowmen, go sledding after dark under a big floodlight in the yard?

Can you walk in two minutes or less to the liquor and grocery store?

Does the cabin have enough room for all of you? how about an eleven foot long dining table?

What about check in and out times, can you stay as late as 2pm arrive as early as 3pm?  WELL?

Is the ski cabin really a "ski cabin" or just a glorified condo, or someones fancy home at Mt Hood?

When you rent a vacation rental in Government Camp, it should be a warm inviting "Mountain House" not a second home where you feel like a visitor.

More to come, I gotta go for now.  John

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